Ready, set, scoot

Hello everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts but I’m back!

So, what’s been happening? Well, there’s been plenty of hard work going on behind-the-scenes on the Plan. The people writing it need to consider what our county could look like from how much our population grows to the different types of ways we could build homes, such as near towns that already exist or near road/rail routes. They’ve been collecting evidence from different experts and groups as well as getting others to carry out studies so the Plan can have the best options possible.

Elsewhere, I’m helping to improve our college engagement session after a couple of successful workshops at Abingdon & Witney College. The students gave some top feedback that we’re using to make a few little changes to how the sessions work. We hope it means the next workshops planned at City of Oxford College will be even better than the ones before.

I was also excited to see that electric scooters could soon be made legal. I think there’s a real possibility they could replace cars for shorter journeys and make a large impact on commuting. It is potentially revolutionary really. Should you need a shorter journey then E-Scooters (as they are called) are the perfect piece of mobility to use. I’m an avid fan of them. I think they can help us reduce our carbon emissions greatly by ditching our cars – they’re one of the largest contributors to air pollution in our area. With E-Scooters not only do you decrease that threat, but you also make it easier for the people to get from point A – B without the congestion. I think the fact that these are becoming legal is great for everyone.

But it also shows how difficult it is to make a plan for 2050 when technology keeps on evolving around us. Should we plan for towns and cities that have lots of E-Scooters, include special roads for them and charging points so everyone can use them? Or will there be a newer invention that replaces them before 2050? And what on earth will that be? I’ll leave you with that thought until next time.