Oxfordshire Open Thought Phase I summary report available to read

Dec 17, 2020

You can now read a summary report of the responses to our Open Thought engagement.

We launched Open Thought in June 2020, as part of the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, and asked for your thoughts on some of the challenges facing us in the future around living and working, climate change and connectivity.

The approach was a new way of engaging with stakeholders that could supplement the more formal statutory stages of consultation.

This engagement was vital given the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 is a new concept, looking far more long term than other planning documents such as Local Plans, with bigger opportunities to affect change.

Open Thought allowed us to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience Oxfordshire is lucky to contain, including that of two top universities, which could massively benefit the Plan and explore the ideas it covers.

It also offered the opportunity to gather a range of voices willing to contribute to the conversation.

You can read the full report here.