Young people hopeful of bright future in Oxfordshire

Dec 2, 2019

The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 was discussed at the recent Climate Event held by Voice of Oxfordshire’s Youth (VOXY), as part of its current Environmental Impact Campaign.

The event, held in early October, saw dozens of young people discuss the climate emergency and how they can enact positive change – and the participants were full of inspiring ideas.

Discussing the Plan, they considered some of the major challenges affecting the county now such as the housing crisis, congestion and inequality while seeking to find solutions that would also protect our environment.

They told us climate change, connectivity and housing were their biggest worries for the future.

Many felt they would not be able to afford a house in the future and were likely to leave Oxfordshire when they were older.

Improving infrastructure – especially promoting public transport and increasing access to community facilities and the countryside – was highlighted as a priority.

Young people wanted to see a variety of modes of transport available – such as trams, trains and cycleways – and emphasised each needed to be affordable.

They also said recycling and reusing needed to be promoted more, especially among businesses.

One participant commented: “There is hope, if we make changes then there will be a future for us.”

Another added: “I got to share my opinions, knowing that I was making a difference in the community.”

Their thoughts and ideas will be used to help shape the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 and further engagement with young people is being planned so their voice continues to be heard and reflected throughout the plan-making process.

You can read a summary report of the event here: Voice of Oxfordshire’s Youth & Oxfordshire Plan 2050 Workshop – 5th October 2019 Summary Report (PDF)

All feedback given by young people will also be used to develop VOXY’s Environmental Impact Campaign.

Find out more about VOXY here.