Oxfordshire Plan 2050

Oxfordshire is a vibrant, dynamic county that blends the historic such as Blenheim Palace with the cutting edge such as the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus. Its economy is one of the best performing in the country, while it consistently ranks high for quality of life and remains the most rural county in the South-East.

We want to keep Oxfordshire a world leader in technology and innovation, ensure there are plenty of good well-paid jobs, preserve the history and heritage that draws millions of tourists each year, and give our children and grandchildren the opportunity to own homes in the county we love, while maintaining the amazing environment we live in.

As part of the Housing & Growth Deal secured by the Oxfordshire Growth Board, the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 is a strategic planning document that aims to set out how to achieve this by listening to residents about what is important to them and their aspirations, and setting out how and where is best to deliver these for a better quality of life for all.

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Latest News

New timetable proposed for Oxfordshire Plan 2050

New timetable proposed for Oxfordshire Plan 2050

The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 team has proposed a new timetable to carry out additional work to improve the final Plan. Following negotiations with the Government, the new timeline has been put forward to allow us to continue to work together across all Oxfordshire’s authorities to produce the best Plan for the people of Oxfordshire.

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