What is Discretionary Housing Payment? Apply for a discretionary housing payment

Extra Rent Help, also known as Discretionary Housing Payments, is like a bonus on top of your regular Housing Benefit or Universal Credit if you are paying for a place to live. It is there to give a boost to people facing payment struggles, especially when they need more help with rent for a short time.

However, you know, there is only so much money in the pot, and sometimes more people need help than there is money to go around.

Who Qualifies for Extra Rent Help?

To get some Extra Rent Help (or Discretionary Housing Payments), you have got to be already getting Housing Benefits or dealing with rent costs under Universal Credit. Also, you need a gap between what you are getting from Housing Benefit or in rent costs from Universal Credit and what you actually have to pay for rent.

Basically, it is there for those times when your regular budget just cannot cover the whole rent bill.

When might you score some Extra Rent Help?

  • Special Situations: If you are dealing with extra costs because of unique situations, like health issues linked to care or disability.
  • Hospital Time: If your Housing Benefit took a hit because you spent over 52 weeks in the hospital.
  • Special Property Reasons: If there is a good reason, you need to stay in a specific place.
  • Moving Help: In super rare cases, they might pitch in to cover moving costs to a place that fits your budget and needs.

When we cannot make a Discretionary Housing Payment

When Extra Rent Help will not work out:

  • Not for Council Tax: Sorry, but this will not cover your Council Tax bill.
  • No Extras: It cannot chip in for water, meals, fuel, or other expenses bundled in your rent.
  • No Payback: If Housing Benefit is taking back some extra cash they gave you before, this will not cover that.
  • High Rent: If your rent is way too high, it will not help out.
  • Budget Magic: If you and your crew can shuffle the budget and handle the rent on your own, no extra help for you.

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People May Also Ask

What is a discretionary housing payment in the UK?

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) are a little boost to help with your rent when Housing Benefit or Universal Credit does not cover the whole amount.

What is DHP by the council?

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) step in with extra cash when a council sees that someone needs more help to handle their housing costs.

What is the benefit cap in Brent?

It is £442.31 per week (or £23,000 a year) for couples and single parents with kids and £296.35 per week (or £15,410 a year) for single adults.

What is DHP used for?

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) are like a financial helping hand when you are struggling with rent or housing costs.

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