Find out who your gas or electricity supplier is – Check details now

In the UK Individulas can choose whihc company supplies them electricity and gas at home. There can be two different companies for both purposes or even the same to supply both, whihc iften comes with a discount. The supplier is named on the energy bills the individual recieves. however if you are not sure who your supplier is then you can follow the below mentioned method to find out.

Finding your electricity supplier

If you are unaware of your electricty supplier then you can contact Distribution Network Operator (DNO). They will provide you with Metwer Point Administration Number (MPAN) which will tell the electricity suppler about your meter location along with your electricity supply number. If you do not who is your DNO then you use your postcode on Energy Networks Assosication Tool and then ask them about the electricity supplier.

Finding your gas supplier

To learn aout who is your gas supplier you will have to contact the Meter Point Administration Service. You will require postcode or you can contact them over phone by calling 0870 608 1524. The will give you MPRN (Meter point refrence number) whihc helps you find who is your gas supplier and where is your meter along with gas supply number.



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