Pay Dartford Crossing: How to Pay Dartford Crossing using Debit and Credit Card?

You will get the details of the Pay Dartford Crossing: Payment at Dartford Crossing using a Debit Card and Credit Card. The online process that the users need to use for the Payment of using this way is Pay Dartford Crossing. At Dart and Thurrock, the connected paths where a number of riders take their car are the sum should be transferred to the Government account.

If you want to learn more about Dart Charge’s necessary information, keep reading the article.

Pay Dartford Crossing

The intersection is crucial in protecting the riders of these vehicles. If offers a comfortable and convenient parameter for riders to drive their cars through the linked paths. The charges will be valid when the path is confronted between 6 am-10 pm.

That Pay Dartford Crossing would offer the vehicle types and the credibility of the beneficiary. For 4-wheelers or above, the first-time payment is £2.50, and if the rider has an account, then he has to pay £2.

What qualifications does one need to have a Dart Charge Account?

Those who are residents of the UK can sign up for a Dart Charge Account. They have to fulfil the demanding requirements in order to create an account.

After this account is made, the applicants have to enter the details of their credit or debit card. The concerned department will verify the application, and it will be eligible to process Payment related to transportation.

About Dart Charge

The amount that needs to be paid by the rider when they use or transport their vehicles(s) on a National Highway belongs to the responsible departments. Officials then maintain and manage the routes. The officials need to constantly be aware of the paths so that they can prevent unnecessary injuries or accidents on the road.

The Dart Charge applicants need to catch up with the situation controlled by regularities. They need to consider the payment details, compliance with eligibility requirements, and providing answers from the checklist in a proper manner.

What Are The Steps Of Applying For A Dart Charge Account?

The agreement must be made between the Dart Charge and the rider. If you want to remove it, then the cancellation must be carried out within two weeks from the submission of your application.

  • Visit the website,
  • Register to the site by filling out the fine details as demanded.
  • The data put in the portal should be in capital letters. These are First/last name, town contact details, address, postcode, and postal address.
  • Fill in the rates for the route.
  • Fill in the necessary details such as a vehicle, Payment, mode of Payment, contact and more in step five.

There is an announcement form on the portal that must be checked with today’s date and your signature. The minimal amount of money transferred is £5. The main website is required to confirm the various payment information.

Payment of Dartford Crossing through debit and credit card

The two ways through which the associates of Dart Card can reach you are via email and post. Hence, the drivers should show proper contact details.

Applicants need to pay £10 as the deposit sum prior to filling in the form. People can use a credit or debit card to pay. However, they must have the card on file initially.

Dart Charge Rate

In the United Kingdom, each type of vehicle has a specified rate at which it should pay. The Dart Charge prices are given below:

Vehicle Type  Normal Rate  Account Rate 
2-wheeler like Motorcycle £ 0 £ 0
4 or 9-wheeler like a Mini Bus or a Car £ 2.50 £ 2
Goods Vehicle £ 3 £ 2.63
Goods Vehicle Multi-axle £ 6 £ 5.19

We have got this information from the appropriate sources. You can check the information on the main website.

What ways do you avoid the Dart Charge?

The most effective way of getting a single payment exemption is by travelling through the crossing between 10pm and 6am when there is no Dart Charge. Or if you are on a long trip using the M25, it may be useful to use its western side, which does not involve any crossing (that is going from the M1 to the M20).

This does become block, however, mainly near Heathrow where the main M3, M4 and M40 motorways meet the M25. By planning a route via the RAC planner, you can get an idea of what to expect along your journey.

If you decide to take the easy way, it will be hard to find another transfer. A foot ferry is going upstream between Tilbury and Gravesend, but the closest crossing into London is the Woolwich ferry (which does not charge cyclists and those in cars).

Instead, travel marginally west and you will be able to use the Blackwall tunnel.

What happen if you fail to pay Dart Charge

However, if you use the Dartford Crossing and do not pay the Dart Charge, you could be subjected to a charge of £70 sent to the address that your vehicle is registered.

If you pay the penalty in 14 days, it is reduced to £35 and goes up to £105 if you don’t. You will also need to pay the Dart Toll Charge fee.

It is possible to protest by lodging an appeal if you believe that this fine has been imposed. A Dartford Toll penalty can be contested either online or mail.

Do you have any exemptions for the Dart Charge?

Yes, if you do not have to pay the road tax since you are a disabled person, then you do not have to pay the Dart Charge. However, if you have a blue badge and are paying road tax, then you would need to pay to cross the Dartford Bridge as well.

Mopeds, motorbikes, trikes and quad bikes are also excluded. Although cyclists are not allowed pedestrians, there is no charge for those who prefer to travel by shuttle.

Dart Charge Helpline

In completing the application form, users may need some help. Let the technical issues go while, if there are more issues then they can raise them to the suitable personnel.

0300300012 is the customer support center, at which queries can be processed. The officials will work from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays. The helpline is available round the clock and even on Sundays to help you better.

People May Also Ask

Do the Dartford Crossing cameras operate around the clock?

Every journey through the Dartford Crossing is recorded in the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras that capture images and vehicle registrations. There are some cases whereby drivers claim that they were wrongly charged or even foreign number plates were not read correctly. To avoid relying on system loopholes, it is necessary to pay the fee every time and always in a timely manner.

What if you do not pay the Dart Charge on time?

If you do not pay for the Dart Charge before midnight of the day after your crossing, then you will be subject to a fine of £70. This will reduce to £35 if you pay within 14 days otherwise it would be £105. You will also need to pay the initial amount.

What is the consequence of forgetting to pay for Dart Charge?

If you do not pay the Dart Charge before or on completion of the crossing, there is a provision for Payment till midnight one day after the crossing date.

Is the Dartford Crossing free in the night?

The Dartford Crossing is free between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am. Daily charges are applicable, including the weekends and the bank holidays.

Was the Dartford Crossing to be free?

It was in 1999 that the Government declared the Dartford Crossing would be a free valued service by the close of 2003. This was however different in 2001 when the Government reneged on the deal. In 2014, the fees were increased when the Dart Charge system was introduced, although these debts had been paid off in 2002.

Could I pay Dart with a credit card?

DART ticket vending machines accept cash and credit cards and sell AM/PM, Day and Midday Passes.

Are you charged the Dartford toll on both sides?

Dart Charge is a remote payment method operated by the Dartford Crossing to alleviate congestion. Each trip is paid for in both directions. It allows you to pay either in advance or on the day after. Use of the crossing is free between 10pm and 6am.

How can I alter my mode of Payment for Dart Charge?

To pay for crossings, change your bank details and revalidate a payment card, you can log in to your Dart Charge account. Alternatively, you can call one of our representatives on 0300 300 212 to help you.

Does DART accept debit cards?

Contactless Payment allows you to pay your DART transit fare with any contactless credit or debit card or any device capable of making Payment (phone, tablet, watch, etc.)

Can we pay via credit card?

A credit card still requires some touch on the swiping machine. But when you connect your credit card to UPI, the amount is available for Payment without having a contact number. You have to scan a QR code, verify the Payment, and then carry out contactless Payment.

How does Dartford Crossing charge?

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge is used by southbound (clockwise) traffic. The two-lane road tunnel known as the Dartford Tunnel is used by northbound traffic. The tunnel was the only way of crossing until 1991, when the bridge opened. A toll is payable both ways.