White Goods Grant – Grants For Low Income Families (UK)

White Goods Grants is a government programme to financially assist low-income families of the UK. This Grant is used for buying basic household appliances like refrigerator, cookers, washers etc. 

These goods are essential for households and can make a world of a difference in quality of life. However with the rise in inflation buying such basic appliances is fairly expensive especially for low income households.  

There are numerous organisations and charities that offer financial assistance to low income households in the form of white goods grants. However not everyone can qualify for a white goods grants. 

In this article we will discuss everything about the white goods grant eligibility criteria, types of appliances covered, vouchers and so much more. 

Eligibility Criteria for the White Goods Grant

To be eligible for White Goods Grant you must meet the following requirements. You need to qualify for low-income &  means-tested benefits. Individuals who receive Income Support, Pension Credit, Universal Credit can display the financial hardships. The White Goods Grant is worth  £800, which is the average cost of buying a fridge.

To qualify for the White Goods Grants you must be a UK resident, over 16 years old and should not have more than  £500 in savings. This grant is available for renters and homeowners with no obligation to repay. 

This interest free loan helps the applicants to buy essential household items like stoves, refrigerators, washing machines etc. This grants could also be used to replace or repair already existing appliances. 

Application Process for the White Good Grant

You can contact your local council for the grant, you can find the contact number on the government’s website. To apply you will have to submit a proof of your financial level, and receipt of income or benefits. 

You can fill the application form online via email. The local council will evaluate the details provided on the form and make a decision whether you should be given the grant or not.

Types of Household Items Covered by White Goods Grants


-Washing machines


-Cookers and ovens

Replace or repair existing appliances.

Along with White Goods Grant there are also other programmes that support by providing funds for household support reuse networks, budgeting loans, vouchers, charitable grants etc.

It is important to contact your local charity organisations or council to determine which type of assistance you can get qualified.  The entire process can be super time consuming as well but worthwhile when you are in need of basic household items.

The White Goods Grant will cover many types of essential household appliances like refrigerators, washing machine, cookers, tumble dryers, dishwashers and freezers. 

Low income families can have a difficult time arranging the essential appliances, this is where White Goods Scheme comes into picture helping the struggling families with much needed financial lifeline.

Challenges and Limitations of White Goods Grants

There is no doubt that White Goods Grant have a significant impact on thousands of ow income families all across UK. However there are some limitations and challenges associated with it. This does not mean that you should not apply for the Grant, it is always best to understand all the aspects before sending the application. Let’s check them out.

Limited Availability:

The first thing to know is that it is not as easily available as you may think. Although many people might be eligible for applying, only a handful of the applications are approved.

This is because charitable foundations work on limited funds. It always helps to send your application with all the necessary documents to have maximum chance of success.

Long Waiting Periods:

Another limitation is the lengthy approval process of getting white goods grant. Even after submitting the application with all the necessary documents at times you will have to wait for weeks or even months until a decision is made.

In case your application gets the approval, the grant may take few more weeks to reflect into your bank account. This means that almost 5-6 months go by after submitting the application to actually receiving the funds.

Final Thoughts

Lack of necessary appliances and equipments in the house can disrupt the quality of life severely. Unfortunately this is an issue with millions of people spread across UK lacking at least of the essential kitchen appliance. 

Lucky for you, now there are tones of white goods grant available to explore and apply. These grants will help you fulfil your requirements of basic household items and have you live better life.

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