Best Apps For Cashback UK Reviews 

In today’s digital age, saving money while shopping online has become easier and more accessible thanks to cashback apps. These apps are a fantastic way to get rewarded for purchases you were going to make anyway. 

If you are in the UK and looking to maximize your savings, you are in luck. There are several great cashback UK reviews apps available that can help you earn back a portion of your spending. Let us talk about the details of some of the best cashback apps you can use in the UK.

What Are Cashback Apps?

Cashback apps are essentially digital platforms that partner with retailers to offer you a percentage of your purchase back when you shop through their app or website. Think of them as your financial friends, always there to put a little bit of cash back into your pocket after you have made a purchase. It is a simple concept: you buy something, and you get a bit of money back. 

For example, if a cashback app offers 5% back at a store and you spend £100, you will receive £5 back in your cashback app account.

How Do Cashback Apps Work?

The process is straightforward. You sign up for a cashback app, browse through the list of partnered retailers, and click through to shop as you normally would. The app tracks your purchase and credits a percentage of the sale back to your account. 

Once you have accumulated enough cashback, you can withdraw it as real cash or sometimes as gift vouchers, depending on the app’s options.

Top Cashback Apps in the UK


TopCashback is often considered as the best overall cashback app in the UK. It is free to download and offers cashback from over 5,000 top retailers, including big names like Boots, Amazon, ASOS, Tesco, and Sainsbury’s. The app is user-friendly and provides an easy way to save hundreds each year with just one click.


Another must-have app is Quidco. With over 10 million UK users, Quidco offers a seamless way to save money on online shopping from brands like Boots, Expedia, and It is free to join, and there are no hidden fees or catches.


Cheddar is a great mobile app that rewards you with cashback when you link your bank account and shop in-store or online. It offers cashback on popular brands like McDonald’s, Trainline, and UBER. Also, you get a £2.50 bonus just for signing up.


Swagbucks is a popular choice for earning cashback, but it is not just about shopping. You can also fill out surveys and do some research tasks.

This means you have lots of cashback deals to choose from, and you can make some money while browsing the site.

You can trade your earnings for lots of different gift cards or cash, which is great for people who like having options. You can shop at places like Argos, Tesco, Asda, Currys, Very, Trainline, and Boots.

What makes Swagbucks really cool is that you can do lots of different things with it. It might take a while to save up a good amount of money, but I think of any cashback as a bonus. Doing surveys is just an extra way to make some money.

Whenever I have some free time, like when I’m on the train, I like to do Swagbucks surveys. It feels good to earn a little extra during those moments.


Kidstart is a unique cashback platform that’s designed with families in mind. When you shop through Kidstart, the cashback you earn can be saved for your children’s future.

While Kidstart might not have as many retailers as some of the bigger cashback apps, with 2,200 retailers, they still offer access to some of the top brands. You can earn cashback from purchases at Apple, John Lewis, H&M, Octopus Energy, and M&S, among others.

This selection gives you the opportunity to save while you shop with brands that you know and love.

Airtime Rewards

It is a cool app that lets you earn cashback to help pay your phone bill. It is like getting a little thank you for shopping.

They work with lots of different shops, so you have many chances to get rewards. People really like using Airtime Rewards because it is simple. You just link your bank card, and when you buy stuff, you get cashback.

It is a nice surprise to buy things, then check the app later and find out you have saved some money without even trying. It is like finding extra cash in your pocket after doing your regular shopping.


It is a cool new app that lets you save money by scanning your shopping receipts. It shows you deals that are close to where you are, so you can check them out when you are out and about.

The app is really smooth and easy to use. It lists lots of different food and drink items, like everyday things such as bread, milk, and cheese, and also stuff like cereal and drinks.

So, with Shopmium, you can try lots of different foods and drinks without spending too much money.


It is an app that gives you a twist on the usual cashback experience. Instead of getting money back after you shop, you buy a gift voucher for places like Sainsbury’s or Morrisons first, and then you get cashback on that voucher.

It’s different, but if you are planning to spend, say, £50 at Morrisons anyway, it could be a good deal for you.

You collect points every time you do this, and over time, you can build up a balance that you can withdraw.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea because it is a bit more work, but for those who do not mind the extra steps, it can be a nice way to save some money.

Choosing the Cashback UK Reviews

Selecting the right cashback app can be overwhelming with so many options available. It is important to consider factors like the app’s reliability, user interface, customer service quality, and the cashback rates offered. 

Also, you will want to ensure that the app partners with retailers you frequently shop with.

Tips for Maximizing Your Cashback

To make the most out of cashback apps, here are a few tips:

  • Different apps offer different rates and bonuses. By having several apps, you can compare and choose the best deals.
  •  Cashback apps often have limited-time offers that can boost your earnings.
  •  Many apps offer referral bonuses, so spread the word and earn extra cashback.


Cashback apps are a smart way to earn money back on your everyday purchases. Whether you are a frequent online shopper or just looking to save a bit here and there, these apps can provide significant savings over time. 

By understanding how they work and choosing the right ones for your shopping habits, you can start earning cashback today.


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