How much are estate agent fees? Here’s everything you need to know

Estate agent fees – From selling a house in the UK the i,nitial question that would raise in mind is what must I pay to the estate agent? Estate agent charges can add more than a thousand of pounds to the price a home property is sold off.

Apart from that, the coming article will look into specifics such as what agents charge, how they set their fees, hidden costs and ways in which you can negotiate value for money price.

Estate Agent Fees in the UK

Fees for the estate agents’ services in the UK can be astronomical. After which is the country, they usually vary between 0.9% and 3.6%, depending on the estate agents used, how many people are selling your property, and how persistent you are to negotiate. 

In a normal year, in 2024, estate agents’ prices were approximately 1.42%, including VAT. Therefore, for a £ 275000 house, this would result in estate agent fees at the tune of an estimated £3900.

  • The normal price associated with a sole agency is a single agency agreement offered at 1.2% to 1.8%, including VAT.
  • You do need to take into account the fact that when choosing a multiple-agency agreement with two or more agents selling your property and then getting paid for it, typical fees are 3% or up to 3.6%, including VAT.

Hidden Costs and Negotiating Fees

However, it is important to be conscious of hidden costs and to know how to negotiate estate agent fees if possible. Being on the high end of their price range, your estate agent will try to capture as much value as possible, and it is up to you to negotiate louder.

Although at first sight it may seem most convenient to choose the lowest fee, that is not always the case. There is normally a purpose for the low fee, and possibly it can mean less time devoted to marketing your domestic or communicating updates with possible customers. 

A more pricy agent can potentially know the market you wish to sell to better and have a well-defined pool of potential buyers on his or her books.


In conclusion, estate agent fees are a huge segment of the cost involved in selling property. Knowing these fees, their details and the terms to apcan lead you tot costs by thousands of pounds. 

Also, whenever possible, do not forget to carry out your own research and consider different options before discussing them with several estate agencies. In all, it is a matter of balance in the cost while factoring the content.


Who pays estate agent fees? 

Neither the estate agent fees nor any charges interest rates relate to the house owners. The buyer of the House does not have to incur estate agent expenses.

Do you have to pay estate agent fees if you sell privately? 

Depending on whether you decide to sell a property privately or through an estate agent, you need to understand that private sellers do not necessarily have payment for estate agents’ commissions when doing it themselves. If you choose to sell a house without listing with an estate agent, you will not be charged a fee.

What do the fees of estate agents include?

The services provided by most estate agents cover the valuation of your property, providing a written statement or description of your premises, with issuing not only floor plans but also professionally snapped photos. It includes placing a ‘for sale’ sign up close to your House in order to notify their listings for potential buyers within a street or around you, and then, they will advertise for free.

Is it possible to negotiate estate agency costs?

Yes, the estate agent is bound to want the highest rate in their fee ration, therefore, it will be on you to make negotiations.

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