How Much Is A Speed Awareness Course Cost In The UK?

This article is all about telling how much is a speed awareness course and gives readers with information on the expenses for the national speed awareness course. 

Key Takeaways 

  1. Speed awareness courses usually cost between £100 and £150. The price can change a little depending on who is giving the course and where it is happening.
  2.   Whether you can take the course depends on how fast you were going over the limit and if it is your first time getting caught for speeding.
  3.   The cost of the course can be different in each area because it costs different amounts to run the course and the way they teach it can change too.
  4.   Taking the course online is handy because you can do it whenever you want, and you will learn the same things as you would in a classroom.
  5.   The good things about these courses are that they can make you a better driver and less likely to speed again.
  6.   Going to one of these courses doesn’t mean you’ll pay less for car insurance, but it shows you’re serious about driving safely.
  7.   How much the speed awareness course costs is important for drivers who’ve been caught speeding. It can help them decide if they want to take the course instead of facing other consequences.

What Is A Speed Awareness Course?

A speed awareness course is a class that teaches drivers about the dangers of driving too fast.

The goal is to make drivers more aware and to encourage safe driving, rather than just punishing them for speeding. In the course, drivers learn about the rules for how fast you can go, how long it takes to stop, and what can happen if you drive over the speed limit, like getting a ticket.

Also, the course tries to get drivers to think positively about staying safe on the road and to be open about how they drive.

How much is a speed awareness course

The price of a driver awareness course can change for some reasons.

Usually, a speed awareness course costs about £100 to £150. This might be a little different depending on who’s giving the course and where it’s being held. You pay this fee to the course provider, and it’s not the same as any fines or tickets you got for speeding.

Taking a speed awareness course might help you save money on your car insurance. Since it shows you care about driving safely, some insurance companies might give you a discount if you have finished a speed awareness course.

Eligibility Criteria of Speed Awareness Courses

The eligibility criteria for speed awareness courses are quite specific and are designed to determine who can be offered a place on the course as an alternative to receiving penalty points for a speeding offence. Here are the details:

  • Previous Course Attendance: You must not have attended a similar course within the past three years.
  •   Driver Confirmation: You need to confirm that you were the driver at the time of the offence and submit the required documents within 28 days.
  •  Severity of the Offence: The course is generally offered for minor speeding offences. The specific speed limits within which you must fall to be eligible can vary by local police force, but they typically are:20 mph zone: Speeds of 24 to 31 mph
  •   30 mph zone: Speeds of 35 to 42 mph
  •   40 mph zone: Speeds of 46 to 53 mph
  •   50 mph zone: Speeds of 57 to 64 mph
  •   60 mph zone: Speeds of 68 to 75 mph
  •   70 mph zone: Speeds of 79 to 86 mph.
  •  Local Police Discretion: Even if you fall within these limits, it’s up to the discretion of the local police force handling your offence to offer you a place on the course.
  •   Time Since Offence: The incident must have occurred less than 12 weeks ago.
  •   Speeding Threshold: You have been caught driving over 10% plus 2 mph of the limit, but below 10% plus 9 mph.

Regional Variations in Course’s Costs

The cost of a speed awareness course can differ depending on where you are in the UK. This is because different regions have different costs for running the courses and different ways of teaching them. Here are some factors that cause these variations:

  • Operational Expenses: Things like renting a venue, paying instructors, and administrative costs can vary from place to place.
  •   Course Delivery Methods: Some areas might use more expensive materials or technology, which can make the course cost more.
  •   Examples of Cost Differences: For example, courses in the West Midlands might cost around £88, which shows how prices can change in different areas.
  •   Annual Reviews: The costs are also reviewed every year, which means they can go up or down based on how much it costs to provide the course.

Speed Awareness Courses Online 

Thanks to technology, you can now take speed awareness courses online, which is really handy for everyone.

  • Online Course Availability You can find these courses online in many places, so you can do them from your house. This is super useful, especially when we need to stay apart from others, like during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  •   How Online Courses Work Online speed awareness courses are set up just like the ones you would go to in person. They teach you the same things but through your computer or phone. They have fun activities, little tests, and videos to keep you interested. For instance, Driver Education Leicester says you can take their online course at your own speed and it has both pictures and words to help you learn.
  •   What You Need for the Course To join an online speed awareness course, you need a good internet connection and a computer or something similar. Some courses might also ask you to have a camera and microphone so you can talk and interact during the course.

Speed Awareness Courses Educational Benefits 

Speed awareness courses are more about teaching than punishing. They help drivers understand why speeding is risky and how to drive more safely.

  • What You Learn in the Course The main part of the course is about road safety. You’ll talk about how fast you should go, how long it takes to stop, and why speeding can be dangerous. The course really stresses that following speed limits is about keeping everyone safe, not just following rules.
  •   How the Course Works One of the best things about the course is that you get to talk with other drivers. You will share stories and think about how you drive. This helps everyone learn more about why it is bad to speed and agree to drive more carefully.
  •   Tips for Driving Safely The course doesn’t just give you facts; it also gives you real advice on how to drive better. You will learn how to plan your time so you do not have to rush, how to stay sharp while driving, and how to handle different roads and traffic.

The Impact of Speed Awareness Courses on Re-offending Rates and Driving Behavior

Speed awareness courses have a positive effect on drivers, making them less likely to speed again and encouraging safer driving habits over the long term.

  • Lower Chances of Speeding Again Studies show that people who take a speed awareness course are not as likely to speed again compared to those who do not. For example, one study found that drivers were between 12% and 23% less likely to speed within six months after taking the course. This shows that the courses work well in teaching drivers to be safer on the roads.
  •   Changes in How Drivers Act The courses aim to change how drivers act for the better and for a long time. They help drivers understand why speeding is dangerous and why it is important to follow speed limits. The courses use interactive sessions to teach about the bigger effects of speeding, not just on the driver but on everyone’s safety. This helps drivers become more responsible when they are behind the wheel.

Speed Awareness Courses Broader Benefits

Speed awareness courses are beneficial in many ways, not just for avoiding points or fines.

  • Insurance Benefits Even though going to a speed awareness course may not always make your car insurance cheaper, it shows that you are serious about driving safely. Some insurance companies might think of this as a good thing when they decide how much your insurance should cost. It is a good idea to talk to your insurance company because each one has different rules.
  •   Better Driving Over Time The main reason for speed awareness courses is to teach drivers about why speeding is bad and how to drive more safely. Learning these things can help you drive better for a long time, which means you are less likely to break the rules or get into an accident later. When you drive safely, it is good for you and makes the roads safer for everyone.

Driving Licences and Speed Awareness Courses

You are right, having penalty points on your license can have serious consequences:

  • Insurance Costs: If you have penalty points, you might have to pay more for your car insurance because insurance companies could see you as a higher risk.
  •   New Drivers: If you are a new driver and you get six or more penalty points within two years of getting your license, you could lose your license. Then, you would have to pass both the theory and practical driving tests again.
  •   Speed Awareness Courses: These courses are a good way to avoid getting penalty points. They teach you about safe driving and the risks of speeding. By taking one, you can keep your driving record clean, which can help you get better insurance rates and keep your driving privileges.

Some Questions

What is a Speed Awareness Course? 

It’s a class for drivers who’ve been caught speeding. Instead of getting points on their license, they learn about safe driving and the risks of going too fast.

How long does the course last? 

The course usually takes between 2.5 to 4.5 hours to complete, with a break included. Online courses tend to be shorter than in-person ones.

How often can I take the course? 

You can take the course no more than once every three years. This is to ensure that the lessons learned have a lasting impact on your driving habits.

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