How to Apply For the EU Settlement Scheme

How to Apply For the EU Settlement Scheme

An EEA or Swiss citizen who was living in the UK until the expiry of the year ending December 31 2020, also their family could be granted permission to remain in the UK through the EU settlement scheme after the deadline. Once your application is approved, you will be granted a settled or pre-settled status.

To qualify, your journey into the UK must fall within December 31 2020; otherwise, you will need to make an application in the year you arrive, this can include student visas, among other immigration permissions available. It’s time to start our discussion from when to apple, how to apply, and some important FAQs:

When to Apply For the EU Settlement Scheme

When it comes to applying, you must follow the deadline, which was set for June 30, 2021, since the last date one should have been residing in the UK was December 31, 2020. In some conditions, you can try to apply late.

You can apply for settled status if you had applied for it before and your pre-settled application was approved but after June 30, 2021. The rule goes further, as long as you have had a history of continued residence (5 years) within, to get a settled status, you will have to request an application at least six months before you get your pre-settled status expires.

How to Apply For the EU Settlement Scheme

By March 30 2019, the EU Settlement Scheme must be fully operational and will enable eligible EU citizens and their relatives to apply for pre-settled and settled status. The scheme will be applied from January 21 2019, for those residents of the EU who own valid passports or non-resident EU families with biometric residence cards.

Applying this new scheme has procedures which can confuse you, making little progress as the Home Office barely discloses anything about what should be done next. You should know that procedures required by Europeans and their dependants asking for the application under the EU Settlement Scheme is available from Barar & Associates. Here are the steps:

1. The first step is to start downloading the EU Exit. Use this ID Document check application that you can download on your mobile phone or tablet. Scan the biometrical data from your passport and take a photo.

However, if you have yet to be in a position to use the app, then make an appointment, which could be costly, where your ID document will be scanned.

2. After that, the Home Office will send you an email or text with a link to the EU Settlement online application form.

3. After that, you must include the necessary records related to your request.

4. At last, it is time for you to pay £65 per adult while children should pay £32.50. However, the government confirmed that the European Union’s settlement scheme would have no cost starting March 30, 2019, and also refunded the amount for previous applications.

Registration is mandatory, with the deadline before June 30 2021.

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People May Also Ask

Who should apply for the EU Settlement Scheme?
  • European Economic Area (EEA), Citizens of the European Union (EU), and Switzerland living in the UK on or before January 31 2020. These comprise students, job seekers, the self-employed and family members of EU citizens living in the UK.
  • EU’s family members who had been living in the UK on or before January 31 2020, including spouses, partners, children, and dependent relatives.
  • UK nationals who have lived in another EU country for at least five years.
Why should one apply to the EU Settlement Scheme?
  • The right to permanent residence in the UK.
  • The right to work in the United Kingdom.
  • The right to study and use public money (such as medical care).
  • People have the right to bring family members to the UK.
What will I need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme?
  • Passports or national identity cards.
  • Proof of your right to live in the UK before January 31 2020, for example, residence card, biometric residence permit, or visa.
  • Documentary or certified evidence such as a driving license, birth certificate, etc.
  • In case an EU citizen is related to you.

How do I apply for the EU Settlement Scheme?

There are two options: one is online, and the other by post. The best among the three is the online application. You can also apply for yourself and your family members at the same time.