Flight Delay Compensation 2024: How to Get €250 to €600 Compensation

Flight Delay Compensation 2024

In case you have the trouble of a delayed flight, the positive news might be that you may require €250 up to €600 from the airline. According to EU regulations, if the airline itself has caused the trouble and you have been delayed for more than 3 hours, then the minimum compensation is €250 per passenger. 

In this article we have a lot of information to share with you about “Flight Delay Compensation, in 2024; How to Receive €250 to €600 in Compensation.” Let’s start our discussion;

More about Flight Delay Compensation

Some information regarding “compensation and flight delay rights”:

  • Compensation for flight delays may be eligible to passengers.
  • Delays in qualifying should be more than 3 hours.
  • Damages may be provided under the European law.
  • There should not be a delay by any rare cases.
  • It should be noted that the airline is meant to offer help when there is a delay.
  • For the compensation process, passengers have up to three years.
  • The amount of compensation is dependent on distance and delay time.

What are the rights of a customer if a flight is delayed?

Here are some rights of a customer if the flight is delayed:

  • After three or more hours of delay, you are allowed to compensation. 
  • It varies from €250 to €600.
  • The airline should offer food and drinks after 2 hours of delay.
  • You must only purchase hotel accommodation if the flight is completed on time.

How will I act if the airplane is delayed?

Here are some things that you can consider:

  • Let the airline confirm the cause of the delay.
  • Collect the right paperwork, like receipts and vouchers
  • Enjoy the free food and beverages available at the airport

When can I apply for the delay compensation?

Under Regulation (EU) No. Calculating the compensation for the passengers on the delayed flights depends on the distance of the flight. By the present regulation, delayed flights, 3 hours or more than 3 hours are fully compensated. Here is an explanation of the compensation plan, calculated based on flight distance:

  • Short distance delays in flights – up to 1500km – Passengers are eligible for €250 Compensation
  • Short-haul flight delays – between 1,500km and 3,500km – Passengers are eligible to receive €400 Compensation

For more than 3500 km flight delays, passengers are eligible for 600 Euro compensation.

Note: You should also know that the ticket cost does not matter, and you can use it for a low-price air ticket. Also, you can make a claim on domestic flights going back as many as six years. However, your claim will be compensated only if the flight leaves within the EU or if it lands in the EU and the airline has its head office in the EU.

Compensation Amount For Flight Delay

Distance Range Compensation
Short distance up to 1500 km 250€
Medium distance up to 3500 km 400€
Long distance from 3500 km 600€

Circumstances and EU Flight Delay Compensation

You qualify for compensation under EU law if the airline is responsible for the delays as below (refer to a complete list of extraordinary circumstances):

  • ‘wildcat strikes’ (airline staff strike)
  • mistakes in the schedule
  • technical issues
  • some like operational problems (crew members are not ready for the flight), and others.

However, when the delay is a result of ‘uncontrollable’ circumstances, you cannot claim compensation. These types of events are not in the control of airlines. In that sense, they cannot be held responsible since they had nothing to do with them.

Here are a few examples of situations when airlines do not have to pay compensation for delays in the EU:

  • safety or security issues
  • riots
  • bad weather
  • terrorism
  • air traffic control, and others

Also, compensation for the European flight delay technical fault is not provided if the flight is delayed because of a hidden manufacturing defect. It is not seen as the airline’s liability.

Some FAQs

When Do You Become Eligible for Flight Delay Compensation?

Under EC 261, you are eligible to file a delayed flight claim for $700 (€600) cash flight compensation if you have arrived at your destination three hours and more than that. This flight either took off within the EU (any airline) or landed in the EU (the airline must also have headquarters within the EU). Read our full article.

What Amount of Compensation to Get for a Flight Delay?

For flights covered by EU law EC 261, any delay longer than three hours eligible you to financial compensation that starts from €250 to €600. It is important to note that the amount of delayed flight compensation you are eligible for will be based on different factors, like the number of hours that you have been delayed and the distance of your flight.

How to claim compensation for a delayed flight in Europe?

If your arrival is three hours later than scheduled at the end of your flight, you may claim European flight delay compensation. The amount of EU airline compensation you are eligible for a flight depends on two factors: Flight distance and the Length of flight delay.

Am I eligible for flight delay compensation?
  • Delayed flights: You may be eligible to claim damages if your flight lands 3 hours or more later.
  • Cancelled flights: if your flight was cancelled less than fourteen days before departure, you may be eligible for compensation.
So what can I do if my flight is delayed?

You have to submit a claim to the airline for delay compensation. The claim must have been because of a factor that is within the airline’s control (weather delay would not be counted).